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Saturday, 16 June 2018

I'm back from HCM and the first thing that I'm doing is to blog for a cafe in Malaysia and not in HCM. XD But this cafe so kyeopta, hence definitely need some light! You may or may not have read this from instastory, but I did a mini review there as well which is on my Instagram's highlights :) 

This cafe was recommended by a friend as I was cooped in Vietnam for tooo long that I wasn't really up to date with cafes in KL. However, staying in Vietnam for so long got me craved for bingsu even more as I didn't really searched for any bingsu shops back there.

Name's OW:L Espresso, obviously. They serve coffee too. XD
We kinda went overboard with the order for four people, so this blog post can mostly cover up dishes that you might want to try when you're there with an empty stomach.

We have no idea why desserts were served first but we just ate it anyway because we were hungry af. But this was our ultimate favourite! Hot brownies coated with peanut jam and roasted marshmallows - a perfect combination of savoury sweetness taste to it.


We went a little crazy with our order of bingsu here 
(and after bingsu craze we had our mains too lol)
But they look so pretty for a picture XD


If you're not a fan of cheese cake or whatever related to cheese, you can still try this out and you know, bring a cheese lover friend to try this while you snatch all the mango bits and leave the cheese for your friends. :p There's a share for everyone!


The major instaworthy bingsu and also, a yummy one. You know how sometimes pretty things are inedible, but this is. I had to take picture with it for a scale, to show you how unnecessarily huge this bingsu is. XD But yeah, do it for the gram! We ate up all the cotton candy after the picture and also the bingsu inside of it. (To see the bingsu reveal video, feel free to check out the video on my Instagram highlights here : click click!)


The face super lc i wanna slap. XD but this pictured that it was crying erm, coconut? 
This bingsu is topped with a coconut milk flavoured ice cream + bingsu that you can choose to eat it with/without coconut water provided!


These were the mains that we shared and I absolutely love the carbonara one better. 
Both tasted good, you take your pick on which to love! ;)


I get why this is their signature. 
(I would travel all the way there just for this. Legit.)
; and this where you should know my love for brownies, or chocolate in particular 

Just a shoutout to OW:L Espresso and check out the Instagram page for more!

A-2-1 Menara Rajawali, Jalan SS15/8,
Subang Jaya 47500 Malaysia 

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