3CE X Maison Kitsune [REVIEW]

Thursday, 26 April 2018


This may be a really "out-of-the-blue" review as I hardly ever mention about 3CE products. However, I do remember that one of my first few products that I reviewed, one of them was 3CE's Pore Silky Balm which was a few years ago.

Despite not mentioning much about 3CE, I do have a fair stand on how much I love 3CE products as I really do love their mini brush set that I use every single day and also their collaboration with Lily Maymac. The matte lipsticks shades are absolutely stunning!

Thanks to the influence of my dear friend Carol here in Vietnam, she loves 3CE products and she lured me into purchasing these really cute lipsticks from them which is a collaboration with Maison Kitsune. I still have no idea what is Maison Kitsune but it's just really cute that I couldn't stop myself from spending. ;__;

One lipstick costs VND330,000 which is about RM57. I think 3CE lipstick prices are all ranged at that price as they do also have the reputation of being more high-end. 

One thing that really caught my attention was the packaging. I'm always attracted to the packagings of products more than worrying if they are authentic or not. But it is also very very important that you make sure that the products are original after you have spent a sum on them.

I got two of the shades from the crayon range, Murmuring and Blushed. There is another shade that is called Grenadine which is more of a purple shade.

Murmuring ; Blushed
Based on the swatches on the hand, the texture is buttery and the shades are pretty similar in pictures but actually, they're not. Blushed is more on the orange-y side while Murmuring is more of a reddish pink.

I actually bought Blushed for my sister because she has a really fair skin tone so it could be flattering for her but she said she didn't want it because it could be too pale for her. So as I have darker skin tone compared to her, I had to try it to prove her wrong somehow HAHA. She purchased Dohee from Colourpop that was similar to this shade from pictures but it ended up looking really pale on her.

So anyone out there that has Dohee as well, the colour comparison is really far apart from each other. Dohee is more of a pale orange while Blushed is an orange and pink mix.

I've always loved lippies in stick form more than liquid ones because sometimes it could be too mattifying that it would chap my lips. However, most lipstick/crayons don't last long on the lips especially after gobbling up food or drinking coffee out of the cup and you see your beautiful lipstick shade on it.

Can it last as a blush? 

Yes, it is a really pigmented blush I would say, it doesn't melt off and still stay puts even after the entire day. I think this is what happens for most matte lipsticks if you use it as a blusher unless you sweat like crazy it could be a different story. But cons would be looking like an Annabelle doll if it's too much :)

How long can it last on the lips? 

Depends. If you're really careful with eating it should stay on for a really long time. When I had my "trial" test on these lippies, I ate so much that at the end of the day, it just gave me a really nice stain. 

Remark : It's actually really hard to remove!

How it looked on me. :D

I hope you enjoyed this random review! 


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