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Saturday, 16 June 2018

Nature's Palette Review 

Life is always about being on the pace that sometimes you tend to lack out of a few routines instead of having a balance in everything. Previously I had finals and coursework to worry for and then internship life, whenever I have things going on and I stress out myself it’ll tend to show on my face A LOT. – because you know, my work-life balance is obviously inconsistent.

Something that has been my holy grail for so long that I literally finished it but thank goodness I took pictures and videos because finishing them all – are products from Nature’s Palette. Thank you Regina though for being so patient with me because I’ve been wanting to blog about this so much, and I could finally sit down and type about how much I loved it.

I had two products to try from Nature’s Palette which is now the toner is totally gone because I used it every single day. I poured the scrub into a glass jar that it looks like a jar of brown sugar now. Plus, it smells so good!

About the brand – Nature’s Palette provides a range of organic and natural skincare products that cater to your skin needs and types. All products are paraben free and 100% organic which brings benefits to your skin!

So before ordering, I had to consult her to see which kind of products that are best for my skin type. I have an oily T-zone yet my nose is dry sometimes, I have huge pores on my nose and basically, the rest of my face is dry that it’ll even crack sometimes.

After describing what my skin type was (it was really hard to fathom though, skin is so messed up LOL) she has suggested that is best for me – is the Lavender skincare range. Lavender will help to reduce the size of pores at the same time refine my skin that is a mixture of both oily and dry.


For my routine, most of the time I would prefer to use a water-based toner before sleeping instead of more oil or gel based ones. I really do enjoy my hyaluronic/hyaluthione tone before slapping foundation on my face, Nature’s Palette toner is still my fave because it gives a really light-weight and comfortable texture for your skin – before adding any other moisturizer after that.

This toner comes in a spray bottle which is like the very first thing that has drawn my attention HAHA because I find it such a hassle to pour toner on my face then pat in my skin then I’ll have to close the bottle and all – tmi I know. I love how I could just spray the toner all over my face and just let it set after. How convenient T_T

This toner also works like a mist to hydrate your skin or to keep you feeling refreshed whenever you need a boost during work. Like how it is unavoidable to feel listless after facing the computer for long hours. If you’re someone that is always in a cold hot or overly hot place, this is suitable for you!

Plus it’s super travel-friendly since the bottle can fit your bag and doesn’t occupy much space so I really do love the idea of it!

When it comes to exfoliation of skin, I tend to be more picky on this. As most scrubs/exfoliators that you could find in stores mostly contain microbeads and which I would not prefer in my context. So Nature’s Palette came up with all-natural scrub which can be used in various ways – even if you’re not trying to exfoliate, it could work as a mask!

For dry skin, it is advisable to exfoliate the skin maybe once a week and as for oily skin is probably about twice a week. But who are we kidding, most of us don’t follow the routine and we tend to neglect this step and only do it only if we remember to do so or when our skin has texture has finally reminded us to do something about it :p

There are about 3 things that you could do with this scrubs – which as far as I’m told. It is also written at the back of the packaging itself!

Most times I would just mix it with honey as suggested because if my skin needs hydration. If I were to solely use it on my skin mixed with water, it would most probably add some redness on to my skin after exfoliation.

I will adding in my second review with more pictures added because 1) I finished the toner before I was able to take more pictures of it to blog, sorry about that! 2) I'm reordering, hence why not?

To customize your skin and see which toner fits you best, and also scrub, contact :

Nature's Palette 

I hope you enjoyed reading this! 


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