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Sunday, 22 April 2018

When you read the title, most of you have probably guessed what the gossip is about. #girlsbeinggirls that we’re always updated with gossips, no doubt. ;) I’m honoured to be one part of the group to share the gossip this time around!

It’s only best when the gossip is juicy and worth knowing, then it’s worth sharing.

Althea has always been my staple supply of skincare products when they cater so many different brands while keeping the prices really low also with brands that are hard to find in Malaysia. Now that they came out with their own Bare Essentials, it’s definitely a must to try :)

There were words saying that to keep your skin youthful always, you have to first take care of your skin with a proper routine. For a lazy person like me, the most that I would do after removing my makeup is the normal cleansing, toner and moisturise. Sometimes maybe a mask if I really need to because I'm a #lazypotato while I’ve seen people with 5-10 products in their routine and it caught me off-guard thinking, I probably need to do more about it. :/

However it has been like this with me for years, and what I feel is essential would be the cleansing, removing makeup the proper way that will enhance the skincare even more.

Althea’s Bare Essentials skincare is focusing on keeping skincare routine minimal while giving maximum results, leaving your skin looking glowy and beautiful. It’s essential that you have a skincare routine, hence you can leave it minimal and bare with the correct products. :) They’re also working on curating perfect complexion that it lessens your needs of applying more makeup to cover your perfect skin.

When I first saw the packaging of Bare Essentials, I LOVE IT SO MUCH! I love things that look simple yet ecstatically beautiful. As they want to keep the skincare routine minimal, there are only 3 products required to restore the glow and freshness of your skin – cleansing, toning then moisturize your skin.

1.      The Contour Cleanser – RM23
Content: 150g – Ice Plant and detoxifying Lemon Myrtle extract, densely filled with microcapsules in it which will help in cleansing, exfoliating and detoxifying the skin.
What’s so different about this product that it promotes better blood circulation, reduce swelling and bloating on the skin (?) It just sounded really special to me, as I’ve never really realized if my face shape could be refined by cleansing my face.

Works: The ice plant ingredient in this really gave a mild minty effect which I LOVE. The scent of it smells very fresh like a forest (is this a good description) and I love the bits in it that helps to scrub my face and yet doesn't overdo it. 
However, I'm not so sure about contouring my face. It probably does its job but I have to observe longer. Even if it doesn't give me a contouring effect, I love it enough to continue using it every day to cleanse my face thoroughly. 

2.      The Primer Water
Content: 200ml – made with Snow Lotus extract and contains patented dewdrops technology. It has been said to help fill the gaps between pores while promoting hydration within the deep layers of the skin

Toner is definitely my favorite step in the routine, as it keeps the refreshing feeling on the skin and also helping my skin to breathe better. I’ve always believed that the perfect toner will definitely make huge changes and enhances the natural glow of the skin.

Works: The gel-like texture toner is always my favourite in comparison to any water-based toner, especially in the morning when I feel an extra texture to my skin. Some gel-like ones could feel a little tacky but this absorbs really quickly before I slap on the layer of cream on top of it. Not to mention that it also smells really refreshing and I believe that I've been some changes in skin texture after using this. My pores are usually really hard to be minimised, but I sure hope that it did fill in the gaps between my pores so, in the long run, it does get better!

3.      The Fixer Cream 
Content: 50g – contains Trehalose (an ingredient found in cactus), Camellia Sinensis (green tea) seed oil, and also Baobab tree extracts.

It has made to be ultra nourishing while keeping the formula that absorbs quickly into the skin, without having to leave stickiness on the skin which has been my concern from a few moisturizers that I’ve used before. The Baobab tree extract also helps in regenerating collagen on skin that promotes youthful and radiant skin.

Works: This is definitely my favourite part of the routine!! Especially when I don't have to apply makeup after, I love the texture of this and how it gets absorbed into my skin. I always dab like a nice amount on my cheeks, a few points on my face then start applying it. I definitely see the difference with this product. It brightened up my skin a lot than before. 

Will I restock this again: YES!

The price point at RM116 for a full skincare range, it ranges lower than the usual skincare products that I used to purchase before this. In addition to facial wash, toner, emulsion, and moisturizer that could easily be more than two hundred bucks in total. Althea is also currently giving out 10% off additionally with a free special edition mirror if you make your purchase now. :)
Get your products now at www.althea.kr

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