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Sunday, 18 February 2018

Anddd all you have ever heard about me in my previous blog posts are about me being too busy with semester stuff, finals, events and so on without having much time to travel and blablabla.. With this post I would like to change the flow for abit :D

For the past few months I’ve always been on the move – Because the way we see things are always different from time to time but it’s not necessarily a bad thing to have changes. We see things in a clearer view, different perspectives and we feed our brains with more “food” to grow.

If you’re my friend, you’ll probably know by now that I’ve been travelling to Vietnam, Ho Chi Minh for internship and that is probably by far the best choice I’ve ever made to finish my internship in a foreign place. It may seems very surreal for me still, but I’m ever loving HCM from time to time now even though I just spent 10 days here, and another 2 months plus after this before I return back to my homeland, Malaysia. :)  

Just a little update on Vietnam that, the reason why I’ve been spamming little snippets of HCM on my instastory is to show how little did we know about Vietnam. Let me just start off myself that, before I even travelled to Vietnam I did not expect how much I would get used to living in Vietnam for these 3 months. All I had in my mind was “Am I gonna survive there alone” lolol because I’m a pretty timid person that it was just really something different for my own experience.

Then my friends told me they would like me to be the tour guide in Vietnam if they ever come here and I’ll have to make sure I know those routes and all the good food here, cheap accommodation that are within their budget.

Just to mention that the tickets to HCM from Malaysia is super cheap tbh plus it’s like two hours flight from Malaysia only. Plus, Traveloka is having promotion now where you can go check it out for yourself. You can click here to check it out and also here for Air Asia promos - because I wanted to travel off to Hanoi/Danang/Nha Trang and other places after my internship hence I stumbled upon Traveloka. Then realizing how cheap it is to book from here somemore I don’t even have to go to the shop and settle my tickets.. ._. Traveloka will filter straight which flight is the cheapest at your designated dates and you can choose at your own ease. Don’t even have to think twice because the platform already settle for you :P Air Asia having promotions now too, and you know how crazy Air Asia always is with discounted prices for flight tickets… OH and you can also compare hotel prices on Traveloka. Super convenient cannnn ;_;

So far, I’m indeed loving Vietnam so much. Everyone that I met here are nothing but helpful, kind and I’m so thankful for that. The food here is awesomeee and the places I’ve been are just plain beautiful. Probably what we see is just the roads with bad traffic but they don’t actually find it bad here at all. I got to experience riding on the bikes here since my local friend said “if you’ve never road on the bike in HCM, it’s like you’ve never been here before” – when I’m so afraid on riding bikes back in Malaysia lolol.

So, thanks guys. Just an update, I’m surviving very well here. XD
I’ll be updating more of HCM’s delicacies and also places to go so stay tuned. ;)

The only thing I can update of Vietnam is Ho Chi Minh and there’s so many other places to explore after my internship. Some things that I’ve learnt over the past few months that – we’ll never learn if we just stop at one point and stop improving ourselves. Never settle, keep moving on. 
I’m eternally grateful that I’ve always given the chance to improve and see the world more on my own than just seeing it on the screens. Experiencing it yourself is definitely way surreal than just reading how people explain of a place by words.

So yeah to see more of HCM, I’ll be updating more after CNY. Have a happy new year! :D
Once again, if you ever plan on travelling check out Traveloka. Dah lah siap compare prices for flight tickets, hotels. Just book them and you’re ready to explore a new place on your own!
Hope you enjoyed reading this post.


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