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Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Hello hello! Hope this post comes in time. Well it'll always be a good time for some flowers.. Well you see, graduation day is coming for TARUC friends, which you can start ordering now to celebrate with your friends! I was given a bouquet of flowers (so really pretty i kenot) and you can actually customize the notes that you wanna add on the flowers, so does not necessarily have to be for graduation.

Look at them pretty pretty flowers!

Plus, Valentine's Day is coming. *cues the ah girls' ah boys* Hans and Naomi Floral offers affordable bouquet prices for students and it'll definitely be in your budget. You can even buy one for yourself if you don't have a partner, sometimes we need some flowers to cheer ourselves don't you think? ;) *cries at the corner 

Jokes aside, Hans and Naomi Floral offers : 
  • RM55 for this bouquet - it's really an affordable price as it's specially done. It's normal that the price hikes up during Valentines season but this price is definitely worth what you're gonna get :)
  • Can be pre-ordered to prevent delay / unable to get pretty flowers. Hans and Naomi Floral ensures the quality of the flowers before you receive them so no worries on that!
  • You can also check out their instagram page at for other bouquets and price range is from RM45-68! You can even get the broccoli one from them too then they can cook it when they're home hahahaha

 Look how cute the broccoli one is!

You can customize your notes with the bouquet you order! 

And there here's me with my bouquet ;

Not really a flower type of girl but this bouquet is beautifull

Werking my RBF once again. XD 

For more details do not hesitate to contact : 

Hans and Naomi Floral 
H/P : +60109283159

Hope you enjoyed this mini post! 


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