Enchanting Snowfall at AEON MALL Bandar Dato' Onn

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Hello everyoneee! Once again I am back after a tough, busy semester. I'm in my last year hence the busy schedule. Finally there's time for me post up a little fun for you guys before I go back to my cave for the second wave - finals T-T Travelling has always been something that is on my list of things to do this semester yet I only managed to do short mini trips in own country, not overseas for the time being. I'm pretty sure you with busy schedules would find it hard to make do time to travel as well. 

This is me looking perfectly normal at first (you'll see why :p) 
with the courtesy of the uber cute bear placed RIGHT in the middle taking all my limelight ehhhh. 
Oh and this is the very first outdoor real snowfall in Malaysia that is proudly presented by AEON MALL. 

One of the events that I attended in JB, special shoutout to AEON MALL for preparing this amazing experience of snowfall right in Johor Bahru that if you're yearning to travel overseas to enjoy snow, you can do so right at home for now. ;) see how excited these kids were (and we were at the side waiting for our turn be like lol can give us the snow first instead) XD

I missed experiencing snowfall in Korea (yearssss back) and I've almost forgotten the awesome cold feeling I have felt. It was so funny that I wasn't feeling prepared to be drenched in real snow as I totally did not expect to have so much of ice!

Plus, it was raining by then that it somehow enhanced the feeling of snow even more, it was freaking cold! XD Nevertheless, they'll pause the event if there's raining issues as they do not want you to get sick under the weather. It was still cold without the rain! Most of the time when it involves "snow" it somehow links to lathered soap and it's gonna be a total mess whereas they do it differently by giving you REAL ICE. A few friends that have questioned me on instastory, here's another proper answer for you! ;)

Legit had to buy new shirt to wear after, because I wasn't prepared for the snow as well. HAHAHA 
 I had to walk in to HM just to get another shirt after that event lolol. So ya see, it's real ice that melts ;) If you're going, just make sure you're well prepared with raincoat/ waterproof jackets/ shower cap but it was really fun just being showered with ice haha!
FYI, I wore two shirts that day o_o

Which is what makes it so special, that they used actual ice instead of faking it with just soap. 
Thank you Carinn and Shalinn for accompanying me throughout the event. It was fun enjoying the snow with you girls :D 

You don't wanna miss out the events hence these are the following dates where the respective AEON MALL will be having this experience : To know more about the events, please check out their Facebook pages for more details and make sure to "Like" them in case you missed out any important messages! ;)

20th, 21st, 27th, 28th Jaunary (Sat & Sun)

Theme: Neon Lights Deco + Enchanting Snowfall

3rd, 4th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 18th February (Sat & Sun, Fri- Sun)

Theme: Harbin Ice Deco + Enchanting Snowfall

23rd, 24th, 25th February (Fri-Sun)
Theme: Harbin Ice Deco + Enchanting Snowfall

Oh and to mention there are also other event on the same day but night time 7-9pm where you get to experience Junior Fun Snow Hunt activity - for little kids to hunt and find treasures in the snow. Whereas for us adults, it's totally insta-worthy as the lights are really beautiful at night! :)

Photo credits : www.extraordinarinn.com (Carinn) / Shalinn 
Thank you girls!

I hope you enjoy reading this post!



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