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Monday, 9 October 2017


(Me making my dog as the model hehe) 
FINALLY I'm up with another review that it has been going on for a test quite some time now. I've made a review on Simbae's products before which you can check it out here 
I've always been Simbae's products supporter as I have sooo many furkids at home, choosing the right shampoo for your dogs are very important as they have different skin types. Shampoos that are not suitable will take a toll on the dogs' skin, and result in shedding even more and we as humans, have to take more responsibility in sweeping the floor full of fur! 

Hence, right shampoo will let the babies feel comfortable and also lessen our burden in return. Simbae's shampoos have been my choice ever since I was told about it (not to mention it smells soooo good!), and they are assured safe for all skin types for dogs and also cats. :) 

Simbae has been established for quite some time now (since year 1974). They have been improving constantly on the formulas and their website to provide even better services. Simbae has a few different types of products that is suitable for both DOGS and CATS! 
They provide different types of shampoo, conditioner, cleaning supplies to cater different types of skin, fur and so on. 

Little did I know my dogs have different skin types, only after I realised shampoo selection is very essential. You can read more about my dogs' skin types on my previous blog post as well here!
This time, Simbae came out with a lot of different products and also some amazing updates on their page which I will sharing up here :) 

As I reviewed on the Fabulous Fur Pack the previous time, this time is on the Long Haired Series

What I received from the Long Haired Series

From Left ; [Click on the names to direct yourself to the product's page!]
Simbae's Long Haired Conditioner : It's a spray that helps soften the fur and also allows them to feel comfortable and clean at all times. Some dogs hates to bathe and when you accidentally forgot to shower them/ to busy to do so, just spray this on their fur and brush it nicely. It acts like our human's dry shampoo in comparison. XD 

Simbae's Long Haired Detangler : No doubt, dogs/cats with longer fur tend to tangle up sometimes. Especially my poodle baby, her fur is curly hence it gets tangled up easily. This will ease the work of combing their fur as it will help to detangle without having to trim them all the time. Spray in while bathing them or after! 

Simbae's Long Haired Shampoo : All time fave for the dogs! Because it smells so good and it's safe for all skin types. (If your dog has really sensitive skin, they have a range for sensitive skin as well!) My Schnauzer + Poodle mix breed baby stopped using medicated shampoo after changing their shampoo to this, and they smell soooooo good all the time. :D
They also have it in different scent like Lemon Orchard and Spring Garden! 

Simbae's Surface Sanitiser : This is not to groom the babies but to ensure that the environment is clean! If you're a dog owner yourself, you know how sometimes they tend to misbehave even if they're toilet trained. Still.. Mishap could happen. This gives out a really lovely scent and it is also to ensure that they don't go back to the same 'spot' after spraying. Keep your place conducive for both furkids and humans. :)  

As I've went through the same process and the products work equally well on my furkids compared to the Fabulous Fur series, let me just emphasize on one of my furkid who has more problems on the fur and skin. :) 

This is Bear Bear. She's a Schnauzer + Poodle mix and she's the weirdest because she's sweats. (Like seriously, we never knew dogs could sweat until we met this girl here HAHA) hence she tend to scratch alot, her skin has injuries everywhere like we abused her but she did it herself -__- She lovesss rubbing against the wall and the floor so she gets yellowish very fast. Like, literally yellow and her fur gets tacky. 

Sometimes even medicated shampoo doesnt work on her as it doesn't solve the exact problem that she has on her skin. So it might even get worse sometimes. We changed ways to use Simbae's Long Haired Shampoo to bathe her, and only apply medicine on her separately. 

It took months to see this result. Her skin is visibly cleaner and better compared to before. And this is her after bathing with Long Haired Shampoo and  Long Haired Conditioner. She'll still scratch but at least it's milder than before. As my mom is always the one who bathes her, she told me she really loved using Simbae products on her. 

In addition to that, my mom said she'll prefer using Simbae's Long Haired Shampoo over the medicated shampoos on her because it's way cheaper than those that she got especially for Bear Bear. At least now she could use the same shampoo on all my other furkids as well and treat Bear Bear's wound externally. Simbae's products contain aloe vera to sooth the itch, vitamin E and vitamin B5 hence explains why Bear's skin is showing obvious results :) 


Wish to purchase Simbae's product? 
Get them from :
You can also click on the individual links added above :)

Thank you so much for reading and I hope this helps you to find the perfect shampoo and products for your furkids!

[Just a quick shoutout] 
How much I love that whenever you purchase a Simbae product, USD 2 goes into charity. Help them out and save more furkids in need!


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