September Routine with FYN Professional

Sunday, 24 September 2017

Here comes another post-exam blog post to complain on how much my skin was dreading me - be it the dark complexion and the huge lots of blackhead beads protruding on my nose and chin. Even if you're getting enough rest during exams, it's inevitable to say that you spend lesser time in caring about how you look during your exams. 

Most of the time even during exams, I tend to put a little extra effort to put on a little something just so that I don't look dead during exams. Like how my friend would say, to "boost" your confidence a little by putting makeup because you feel better during exams. The logic behind it is legit real hahaha. 

So, just in time for me to try out FYN Professional products while I was at it! Thank you for the test that I was able to hold with the products that I have received. :)

What I've got :

Radiance Enhancing Set - RM79
(Includes Radiance Enhancing Cream + Radiance Enhancing Cleanser)

F.Y.N Professional MicroFiber Face Towel in Pink - RM28

EXTRA INFORMATION : FYN Professional's products are formulated without paraben, artificial colouring and fragrances. For more information, you can check it out on their website (HERE)

So this is how my routine starts.

          #Step 1          

When I get back from uni or even when I'm going off to uni, I'll wipe my face clean with FYN's Professional MicroFiber Face Towel first to remove excessive makeup or dirt on my face. Even when you did not apply any makeup, your skin is prone to have dirt and dust sticking on your face. No harm cleaning. PLUS, your skin will feel so refreshed after.

What I'll do is to wet the towel with lukewarm water, then start wiping off the makeup on face in circular motion and upwards. If you're having thick makeup, I would suggest to wipe your face with remover for those that are waterproof (for instance, matte lipstick / liquid eyeliner) then you can start wiping your face entirely.
Also - if you're worried that it might not remove all your makeup, you can check it by removing again with makeup remover. So far, I've been wearing light makeup and it did removed entirely. So it depends on how much makeup you put on. :)

          #Step 2          

After we're done cleaning our face, it's time for a mandatory double-cleanse. Steps are easy, just lather with water and wash your face. Then rinse it off with lukewarm water.

The texture is gel like, and I've never seen a facial wash that is yellow hahaha. The scent is mild, perfect if you do not like overwhelming scented facial wash.

          #Step 3          
Wipe face clean with face towel after Step 2, then it's time to protect our skin. I was told that the Radiance Enhancing Cream was okay to be applied straight after cleansing, with or without toner. But I am used to my routine therefore, I did use my own toner before applying on the Radiance Enhancing Cream.

Because the cream is very mattifying for me as I have dry skin, so its best to have a layer of toner absorbed on the skin before settling the cream in.

I loveeeeeee this Radiance Enhancing Cream as it definitely saved me on days where I am too lazy to wear any makeup out, this does as what it has been told to do - enhance and provide radiance on skin. Somehow it's a little too whitening at the beginning, but after it sets it looks alright on the skin. :) I prefer to use this in the day than night.

So this is what that has saved me from my usual dull skin. Thank you FYN Professional for this!

Get their products from 

I hope you enjoyed this mini review and thank you for reading. :)


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