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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Hello everyoneeee! ♥ I know I know, I shall stop doing this hiatus thing to my blog urgh but I'm back with another tried and tested product that I feel the need to share this is too strong, for people who loves cream lipstick. READ TILL THE END KAY YOU WON'T REGRET KNOWING THIS GIRLLLLSS

Kosé Lip Gel Magic 

What is Kosé Lip Gel Magic? 
 It's a translucid gel that coats your cream lipstick on your lips to prevent it from smudging
 Stain proof, does not remove lipstick after eating or wiping your mouth 

I've tried it out when I gotten it, it totally blown my mind because I did not expect it to work sooooo well! Plus I was just trying it out casually so my face just went " :OOOO " Why Japanese so pandai one! And of course, good things are meant to be shared ;) Apparently this is highly raved in Japan, I can see why. Plus you can get it right here in Malaysia, I don't see why not! 

Like a little potion bottle, this magic lip gel comes in a small tube bottle. :) I love how it's so small, best for travelling! Its approximately the same size as the lipstick, so no worries about having to put up too much space in your makeup bag for the rest of the essentials! 

                                        How to apply?                                        

First ■ Apply the cream lipstick of your choice 
Here, I applied Esprique's lippie in Shade BR390 and imma loveeee it! I love cream lipsticks over the liquid ones as they are easier to blend and it is not as drying as liquid ones will. However the only problem is they smudge and go off easily. 

Second ■ Shake the Lip Gel Magic bottle well 
You won't wanna miss all the goodness in this little potion bottle, so make sure to shake the bottle well before use, let everything set in and let the magic work. 

Third ■ Squeeze a small amount of Lip Gel Magic 
Trust me, just a little amount will do, enough to apply, but if you find it insufficient just squeeze a little out will do! You can save the rest of the amount to use more for other times.

Fourth ■ Apply/Coat Lip Gel Magic onto your lips
Apply gently on your lips, it will not be drying nor crack so no worries! Just apply it and let it work. 

                                        Testing Time                                        
And now it's time to show you guys the magic! There are two things girls worry about when they apply cream lipsticks + when they have to eat, 1. Having to smudge their lippie when they eat 2. Wiping their mouth after, so there are two tests done to show if they are really smudge-proof or not! 

Test 1 ■ Drinking from a cup 
Fair enough, Kosé sent me these to try it out too, thank you for the pretty cup and the instant coffee!!!

FYI : I applied the Lip Gel Magic half of my lips to show you guys the difference and also if it really works with and without.
LIKE OMG?!?!?! Can you see like how it literally just did not smudge at all while the other side without the Lip Gel Magic just smudged on the cup like asdfghjkl. I couldn't believe that it worked so well either, eventhough it was the second time trying. 

Test 2 ■ Tissue Paper/Wiping it Off
Usually after eating, we would usually try to wipe the sides hoping it doesn't wipe off the lipstick as well. But no avail most of the time. But this time, testing off with the same application for the first test and see if it smudges on the tissue paper.

Once again, big difference on the lips!!!!! Ohmygodddd and I'm sorry, I should test it by literally wiping it off than showing you guys like this because it may be hard to show the results, but hey this is sufficient isn't it? 

It's just amazing that NOTHING came off like WHUTTTT, that is why I'm so in love with this and definitely apply this everything I use a cream lippie! ♥♥

Highly Recommended √
The wholeeee blog post I'm just really hyped out about this I'm truly sorry, but this is really worth it if you tend to have problems having your lipstick smudge. Sometimes during important events, it's important to have your lipstick on and ensuring that it stays, this would be perfect. PLUS if you're only prone to using cream lippies because you have sensitive lips, this is good to go too. As this is applicable only after that applying your lipstick, I don't see that it brings any harm to your lips/body as well, we're applying lipstick to being with..

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! 
Till then, :) 


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