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Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Meow~ (Shall be the new hello from me) 
If you know me or seen me in uni/ wherever it is. I'm always wearing tees and shorts, probably long pants. But nothing else other than tee. No stripes, off-shoulder however you call it O_O So this is probably one of my fave thing that I'm gonna show you because I really love tshirts. No matter if it's plain or not, especially when I get free tees from attending events (Ooops #sorrynotsorry) 

Just got to know that RK Tee Shirt is having a deal where you can customize your tees, including the words you want, patterns, colours and even the designs on the wording itself! Pretty much my kind of thing LOLOL. They've been doing customization for customers from the beginning but this time with more patterns - with designs you might even want to customize for your new CNY shirt! :P New year new shirt mah rightttt. 

Okay, so now I'm going to show you how my tshirt looks like :D

Let me ber-macam yes for awhile kay?! 
For the front, I chose a cat face (since I've been meow-ing all day long, even my friends tak boleh tahan) and my shirt is in pink! It may not seem visible here :)

There are other designs to choose from other than just cats. Like I have mentioned, there are various of designs (12 zodiac animals, and you can request others if you want to) and tada, there you go. 

I apologize for my super crumpled tee o_o As I went for class before taking this picture, then somehow something happened HAHA I IRONED MY SHIRT OKAY. That aside, I customized my name and number at the back and yes, YOU CAN EVEN CUSTOMIZE THE DESIGNS ON THAT.

[clearer pictures here] 
Choose the name and numbers that you want, for me i chose POTATOLYN (don't even ask HAHA) and number 15, with the design I chose which is CAT! Reasons why I chose this was 1) It's cats 2) It's purrrrfecttttt for CNY because it's Lucky Cat! :D So if you wanna order, make sure you make yours fasttttt.

RK TEE caters a variety of designs for you to choose from, for : 
1) Designs on the front 
2) Numbers at the back
3) Designs for the words behind 
4) Colours for your tshirt!

But before you decide on which designs to go for, do think carefully if the fonts are visible and compatible to your shirt colour. Let's say if your shirt is white and the font is coincidentally white, then you may have to reconsider. :P But fret not, feel free to contact RK Tee for assistance. 

CONTACT : 0162864388 (Richard)

I would like to thank my uni for having such a nice place for pictures, and my friend's phone and thank you for your patience. Happy CNY in advance! :D


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