Friday, 2 September 2016

Hello guys! This is going to be a really short post on unboxing the products I've received which I'm really excited to share with you guys that is - Realash products! And with this, I'll doing a 30 days challenge on the products. Read till the end to know why! :D
Short Intro : REALASH is an international cosmetic company that caters wonderful products across the world. Realash uses natural plant extracts to produce their cosmetics so rest assure that they are safe to use!

It's amazing how they take care of every details - even the box! I fell in love instantly when I received my parcel and see this beautiful blue shimmering box for me. 

So I was taking pictures of the box outdoors so I decided to show you guys a gif of the box. Isn't this lovely! You don't get shimmering boxes everyday you know :P 

Inside of the box, comes with a perfect ribbon and wrap to protect the products (when I can't even tie my shoe laces properly oh my god). I feel so pampered already. XD Even the wrapping paper is in such perfect condition when I received it! The ribbon says "Real You" with comes in a tagline : Realash Real You, meaning says that through Realash, you can be with your beautiful self :D

The products that I've received are the ones that I've been really wanting to try that is the Eyelash Enhancer and Eyebrow Conditioner.

What does the Eyelash Enhancer does is that is will strengthen the eyelash, which enables you to have longer and stronger eyelashes! Since I have trouble of eyelash falling, worst part that it gets into my eyes so I definitely need this!
Methods on using Apply from the roots till the end of the eyelashes, use it for 30 days as the lashes will grow approximately in that time period! In 14 days, there will be visible changes in the length too.

As for the Eyebrow Conditioner, it functions to grow fuller and nicer eyebrows. I have uneven eyebrows and of course, all of us know how eyebrows are SO important? We can go out with no makeup but NOT without eyebrows!
Methods on using : Apply evenly onto eyebrows, once a day. Positive changes can be seen after 4 weeks of using it.

Last but not least, I have a video ready for you guys, to show you how the box actually looks like so I hope you enjoy it!

I'll be doing a 30 days trial on the products so I'll see you once again! :D


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