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Hello! It's really been awhile since I've posted something personal - since mostly its more on products. I'm glad that I can finally share something more about me travelling! XD
This is the very first time that I was able to join a class trip since the previous ones it's either I was busy or I went to Vietnam (which I've procrastinated tooooo long to post too till I had to skip it -_-) Nevertheless, here's a post on my trip to Pangkor with my awesome Logistics gangggg :D 

20th September 2016 - Freedom Begins

Off the Pangkor RIGHT AFTER our very last paper, most of them did not believe it XD We went with 3 cars - traveled from Kuala Lumpur to Lumut! By the time we reached there we were famished that we had to use our last possible strength to go buy some food for ourselves - Green nasi lemak somewhere near the jetty for RM2.50, it's actually pretty good!

We traveled for about 2 hours to reach the jetty named Marina Island. 

Mini photoshoot of us covering the sunset :p 

The ticket to Pangkor from the jetty is RM10, make sure you travel from Marina Jetty because apparently from Lumut itself it takes longer time to reach Pangkor - Approximately half an hour difference. The time slots are stated on the board there, so don't worry that you will miss the boat. Just ask for assistance if you're unsure ;)

Went out to feel the wind on the boat. Plus it was only us out there that day :D

 Beautiful, beautiful sky. 

Us girls :3

Mike y u likdat 

Plus, our home stay is just walking distance to the beach that we didn't even have to worry about getting transportation there. So we just brought along our BBQ stuffs and just walked over there that night.

It was PITCH BLACK when we reached there but thank goodness for the chalet/restaurant that was still open that could borrow us some light :P Like I said it was dark, so lesser pictures taken from here :(

 Blur pic of our senpai(s) trying to settle the fire / BBQ grilling thing for us. Thank you :D 
The only time when we saw Meng Liang being so active - because the rest of the night he just slept on the bench due to the sea sickness before that HAHAHA POOR THING

And a cute picture of Lie Chun with her legs buried with sand XD

We were all toooo tired after the food and BBQ, we just slept off after bathing back in home stay. To think that Arina even brought her UNO cards just in case we wanted to kill some free time. 

21st September 2016 - Sea Day
At 7.30am we had our very own unique alarm clock - Our dear course rep Mike. Then of course we had to get ready for our sea activities! Had breakfast in town first at some random mamak near the taxi stand, while some of them just went for noodles. 

Them pretty pink vans and us, and our lala hair~

While walking to the beach~ ☼

Off we go to the sea! :D

 Feeling super macam yes~

 Sam also macam yes~ 

 Alex : "Pose la laii nahhhh"
ML : "Mai lah mai lah"

 ML : "Kay lah kay lah" XD


We actually stopped at a place where there was alot of people there snorkeling, swimming, feeding the fishes so most of us just went for a swim too. Suddenly the uncle (from our boat) just told us to get up to the boat because he realised that the wave is too strong/ water current was too fast so he escorted us to somewhere safer :O Thank goodness for an experienced uncle guiding us! 

Meanwhile on our way to another destination, the uncle stopped at places for us to tour, have a look-see and went down to catch sea urchin and sea cucumber for us to see! :D

Our best picture among all - with the sea urchin
Mike y u likdis again 

Behind the scenes of me trying to act cute. ._________.

At our second destination. I wouldn't say that the water was crystal clear but hey, at least it's clean and we were able to see some sea urchins and sea cucumbers (and alot of corals and stones). Most of us went back to the home stay with injuries on our legs. While we're at the sea, some things happened that only us know but well it was an experience that all of us will not forget. I didn't want to step my feet on the sand in the water because I know it's gonna hurt like crazy if I step on something. But we most of us were bitten more than 10 times by plankton/ikan bilis/we have no idea what that was and it's super painful!!! 

After spending whole morning there, we walked back to our home stay to rest. What the uncle told us to do was to rest 10 minutes or so before bathing, gargle your mouth with water one time first before drinking it. No doubt, the sea water is sooooo salty that when it gets into your eyes, it burns. ;_;

Needless to say, most of us (including me) just slept like a pig right after showering. Best nap of all. 
Thank you to the boys that went out to get food for us :D 

Around 4pm, walked over to the beach again to feel the sand / take more ber-feeling pictures.

Then of course we took such a LOOONG time to get one nice group picture. 

Thank you for making this trip a memorable one

We had seafood for dinner but we were too busy eating, I forgot to take pictures of them. BUT HEYYY just a heads up, vlog will be up soon so you'll be able to see them in it ;) *Will uploaded here too!* 

Ended the night with some of us helping Sam with his flapping flesh on his foot, after he knocked onto a rock while snorkeling. Yeah it sounds really weird, but really his flesh was just flapping. ._.

22nd September 2016 - Home Bound 

Thank you Michael for cooking for us early in the morning while all of us were still sleeping. So much effort though :') No kidding, the nasi lemak in Pangkor are mostly super good. Not sure if it's the rice, the air, the fishes.. XD (Once again, no pictures only videos :D)

 While waiting for the boat

Last group picture before going back! 

Just so you know, this is how Arina sleeps. XD

Hope you enjoyed this post though it is mostly pictures, but definitely a memory I want to keep for a long long time! 

Till next time, Pangkor!


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