Dr. Flora - White Nerolli Floral Water Cream [CHARIS]

Friday, 5 August 2016

Hello! Today I'm just going to share a little about this product that I recently received from Charis - Dr. Flora's White Nerolli Floral Water Cream! Well this is really new to me, since I've never tried something that contains white nerolli? Therefore I was ecstatic to review it :D 

I'm just gonna start of with the goodness contained in this floral cream! :D This product is recommended to all skin types as it has all natural ingredients, which their main ingredient is floral water which will cause no skin irritation like some chemical does. Plus! Dr. Flora's cream is FREE from synthetic fragrances and artificial pigmentation, and also their products are tested for hypoallergenic products. 

What are the benefits from this floral cream?
As I mentioned that their products cater to all skin types, so there also different usage to all skin types. Basically the benefits of using this floral water cream is that it balances out the pH value of the skin, anti-oxidant effect, smooths out wrinkles, and gives you supple and smooth skin! 

Ways to use Dr. Flora's Floral Cream based on skin types : 

Extracted from Charis' website for your reference. :) 

I am prone to freckles/ and also I'm more to the dry skin category, so I used it twice per day. Morning is to protect my skin from having more freckles and also night time to moisturize my skin - like a facial pack! My skin condition improved so much as I had really uneven skin tone before this. 

This is how the cream looks like - it has that natural floral scent and it's really moisturizing! 

Where to buy?
Dr. Flora's White Nerolli Floral Water Cream is available @ Charis 
There are also other products from this series on Charis so make sure you check it out! :D

Just a short review but hope you enjoyed reading this! :) 


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