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Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Oh hello, it's been awhile now! 
I have just started Year 1's second semester now and I realised that I've yet to blog anything about my uni life before. So okay, let me start now :D

Semester 1 was great, I met new people with different characters, different background, places and races. Although there's only 15 people in my course, we still had fun (at least for me)
Eventhough we did encountered many problems as well, coursework or among coursemates well that's normal. At least it's something we need to learn from as a very small team to go even further in future.

There are a few things that we encountered together for sure :

We met awesome lecturers! 

 Like Mr. Jonathan, our Business Communication lecturer;

And also, Mr. Shee our Business Statistics lecturer!

We did alot of awesome stuffs together

 For free potato chips! 

 Our assignment trip and we found a gem in Masjid Jamek area :)

 New shopping mall around the area!

 Joined a fun run and won free bentos through a page- which will be reviewing once we get our bentos ;) 

 Midvalley trip to the food fair there and stumbled across these 3 cuties there XD

Squeezed in for free pictures printed at the photo booth! 

I even vlogged! 

Please take your time to watch it I'll really appreciate it :D

So that's very much about it in general, hopefully this would be another wonderful semester to go through with these crazy coursemates of mine! :D


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