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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Just a short review since I went there with Arina and Sam the other day @ Midvalley - Thank you Arina for the coupon, enabled us to get a free coffee with the purchase of any waffles hehe!

   Nutella Banana Waffles   
It tasted sooo good (typical Nutella and banana combination is always awesome) that Arina scolded us stupid because it's too typical and of course it would taste nice, and those are cheap ingredients okay Arina okay. XD  If you still prefer Nutella over any other flavours this would be perfect but I find the waffles too mini, if you were to share, it's not enough D:

 Dark Chocolate Mocha 
Feat Samuel's hand because his hand is nicer than mine T-T Really liked this coffee (plus, it was free :P) the dark chocolate taste is really strong and it combined perfectly! It is priced at RM11-12 range if I'm not mistaken. 

Happy faces with good food! *Leaves Arina out* XD

*Extra events happened on the same day*

We went for the food fair right after class, at Midvalley and took alot of free samples at almost all the booths because we can >:) But the place is pretty much overcrowded but there are alot of nice things to buy at affordable price with the discounts going on. 

This happened when Fishy was still around with us and Arina insisted to have a picture with them, this is a really blur photo of us but look how cute the Darth Vader and Storm Troopers are!!! They were really friendly although we took tons of photos with them but still ended up blur. 

And this happened when we were on our way to sit public transport and Arina wanted to take purikura so we dragged Sam in too! He looks forced but we were happy. HAHAHAA THANK YOU SAM YOU DA BEST. 

Ending this post with a video by Arina ft Madame Waffle and us XD 

It was one fun fun day but finals are coming soon, therefore this is our last entertainment T-T
Okay bye!

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