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Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Probably the very first blog post on how to cook simple dishes simply because I'm a very lazy person but I wanna eat really very yummy homecook food. XD
This the perfect fit for people like me - Want fast yet healthy and yummy cooking recipes with simple ingredients. 
To those who are outside studying/ lives outside or to moms who are too busy to cook, this takes up less than 15 minutes to get this dish done.

Then again, I made my dad cook tomyum soup with the easy cooking tomyum paste from Ikan Brand since he was cooking anyway, adding one more dish won't take up much time. 

[Ikan Brand is giving out 50 packs of their products to my readers. 
Read till the end of this post! ;)]

Simple ingredients prepared to cook with the tomyum paste!

Dad prepared fresh fish and prawns to go with the soup!

It takes up alot of time just to find ingredients to cook tomyum. How about making everything easy peasy with Ikan Brand's tomyum paste? ;)

They have the instructions at back for you to refer. If you have no clue on how to cook tomyum, just refer to the back for the packet! Oh ya, add lime juice! (Which I didn't but you should)

So just pour water into the pot, which the paste and fish, prawns, whatever you wanna add in. (Refer to the instructions behind!) let it boil and serve when hot. 


How can anyone not love tomyum? Especially when it's SO easy to make!

G I V E A W A Y 

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And that's it! Enjoy the chilli crab paste and start cooking easy!

IKAN BRAND products can be purchased at Jusco, Giant, Econsave, Maslee and most of the mini-mart.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. 

edlyn :)

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