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Monday, 6 October 2014

Hello everyone! 

Bag is definitely every woman's favourite - Bags carry sentimental value to women and also a symbol to a woman's taste. Most women would be willing to fork out a few hundred bucks just to get an ideal bag they desire. They are the most practical and useful accessory for a lady as ladies carry a LOT of  stuffs in their bag (Which it will turn into makeup pouch in a restroom // to carry practical things needed like wallets and phone). 

Therefore, designers are usually very particular on designing a bag that is useful, practical and BEAUTIFUL that every woman would die for. 

With an affordable priced bag that comes along with VARIOUS designs, Queen Cat Malaysia is highly recommended for a quality assured + beautifully designed bags. 

By QUALITY ASSURED - You can definitely assure that the quality of their bags are superb. 
Queen Cat's bags are made from water resistant fabric with the thickness of 3mm. Read on and I'll show you more! :D

So I've gotten this Boston Bag from Queen Cat and I instantly fell in love with it! 


I love everything that comes in floral prints and I'm so glad that I found this bag from Queen Cat! The size of the bag is just nice where it is so portable and light weighted.  

Queen Cat logo!

In my bag : A folded cardigan, wallet, phone and spectacles casing and it only took half of the space!!! I love bags like these, making travelling so convenient because you can just fit all your necessities in one bag and go. 

As I mentioned that Queen Cat's bags are water resistant right? Let me prove it to you! 

It happened to be raining on that day so I thought I should make an experiment out of it hahahaha.

CLOSE SHOT : Raindrops on the bag and yep, 100% proven it's water resistant which you do not have to worry that your things in the bag would be soaked in rainwater. Just wipe it off and hassle-free!

Not only it's designed with floral prints and water-resistant that makes this perfect : 

 The strap is detachable so you can have your bag two ways, a handbag or a sling bag! 

 Two different ways of carrying your bag! Like when you feel like it's burdening your shoulder and you simply just detach the strap and carry it by hand! 

Just a normal outfit will do, the Boston bag itself will make you feel unique. 

Violet Rose M114 
(28 x 11 x 20 (H) cm)
PRICE : RM62.00

For the price like this, it's definitely worth it! I'm madly in love with my Boston Bag and thank you Queen Cat for assuring the quality and design! :)) 

I've emphasized too much on my bag, but be noted that Queen Cat has  VARIOUS DESIGNS ON OTHER BAGS/DESIGNS TOO! 

 If you are someone who loves big bags like these, rest assured that the quality is amazing PLUS, look like cute the designs are! 

Queen & Cat Bottle Carrier 

You can even get bags for your bottles, especially thermos that would easily get scratched! You can keep them in these without worrying that it would dent or scratch.  

14"-15" Laptop Bag

 Am getting one for myself!!! It's really rare to find nice bags just to put your laptops plus most of those normal bags to put your laptops are bulky (since you want to prevent your laptop from spoiling just in case you drop your bag), Queen Cat's laptop bags are so pretty and you need not worry that your laptops will spoil (IF it drops)

Queen & Cat Pencil / Makeup Pouch

Look how cute they are designed! You can put eyeliners and mascara as a makeup pouch or a pencilcase to bring it to school. 

They are much more designs and bags available than what I've showed you here! Sometimes they'll give out promotions like a bag with a pencilcase for MAD CHEAP PRICES! 

For more information, do not hesistate to contact them personally
Wechat : reilsw 

And if you're purchasing, here's how you can get a rebate on your purchase!
Quote "MCQC" and you'll be entitled to 10% off your purchase :D

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!

Till then,
Edlyn :)
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