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Saturday, 25 October 2014

Hello everyone 

Now, when you style your everyday #ootd do you style accordingly with the same dress code for every accesories that you style with, colours, etc?

When you're on , this will appear on the home page. 

This caught my eye because it looks really organised, according to styles and colours, types of clothes. So I've decided to take a little tour according to the different tabs! 

For example, they've created a tab for Peace Love Shea by Guest Editor and the style is unique. 

This look is more like a casual fun outfit where you hang out with your friends and feel comfortable with what you wear. Alexa Slim Boyfriend Jeans by Genetic Los Angeles is my ultimate fave in this outfit because of the sleek cutting and the foldings at the end!

Or, this style by Fall's Coziest which you'll be able to see all kinds of designers sweaters and pullovers - which they all uniquely designed individually!!

This style may not be suitable for Malaysia right now, but as the weather gets cooler this would be perfect to style your everyday's #ootd stylishly! 

The third style displayed is called The '60s Trend and I personally love this the most! I'll show you why. 

I love basic dresses like the Collared Laced Dress by Jill Jill Stuart, a mix with Cambridge Satchel's Top Handle Satchel and the Mary Jane Pumps - One perfect combination for a dinner or a casual outing. Simple designed designers are best to match with, for any special occasions and events! 

Last week, I matched a simple outfit to go with the Madewell bag that I've gotten from for a friend's birthday party! 

 Which explains the balloons on the floor hahah!

Once again, a simple outfit to go with it! 

Laced Tee - Mom's
Floral Skirt - Sister's 
Shoes - Te ChiChi
Bag - Shopbop

Madewell has a variety of lovely designed bags, click here to view them! 

That's all for now. 
Hope you enjoyed reading this post!

Till then, 
Edlyn :)

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