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Sunday, 27 April 2014

Picture credits : Ler

It was amazing day out with the Ma Chérie girls! First time hanging out with them and it was a splendid day spent indeed! Especially you spend your time playing games at the Mystery Room Escape.

Don't say I bojio hor!!!! *cue my schoolmates hahahaa 

Behind me is the Hall of Fame, where your picture will be if you are able to solve the game in an hour's time.
There are three categories of the games provided.
1. One Piece - The Ghost Captain (Easy)
2. Prisoner's Torment (Moderate)
3. The Curse of Pharoah (Hard)

We took up the challenge to try out The Curse of Pharoah and indeed it was very challenging. But thanks to their massive help, we managed to solve it in 59 minutes :D
The whole game plan was slightly nerve-wrecking but helpers kept coming in to help us throughout the game! Which I am truly grateful. Cause I felt like most of the time I stood there feeling clueless while the others were so much helpful :3

The difference of Mystery Escape Room compared to others :
1. Friendly people (Don't reject people's help ok, you'll need it one~)
2. Educational, makes brain work to solve the mystery.

All cute adorable instax!! 

On the either side goes the Wall of Shame........ 
Behind this wall is another Wall of Shame O.O 
So gancheong after that cause we were worried that ours will be here lol!!

The background where we get to take pictures at.

Find us at the Hall of Fame!
A very blurred picture x_x

After the game we had a causal chat with Mr Anson, the creator of Mystery Escape Room/ game master-genius, he mentioned that he brought over this concept to Malaysia after trying it out in Thailand. He realised it's a fun-educational game which will make the brain works, as well as to have fun :D

Amazingly nice people! 
Game master : Second from left

Time slots for the games!

Seflies with them~

And we were told that there'll be a new launched second Mystery Room in SUTERA with their very new theme!

The Return of Sadako.
Gives me chills already x_x
Picture credits : Mystery Room Escape Facebook page

The prices for the games:
Student : RM28
Non-Peak : RM32
Peak Hour : RM36
*per person

So make sure you check out their shop, and try it out! xx

Facebook :

Location :
5A Showhouse,
Jalan Persiaran Jaya Putra 1,
Bandar Raya Putra,
81100 Johor Bahru

Phone :
07-300 9569

Do call up and ask for more info before going! 

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