Why I had to give away Bingo.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

It's been exactly a week since he left here. Missing him like mad.
I thought of blogging about it on that day itself, but I was too heartbroken to type/explain anything, but thank you to people who are close to me, tried to cheer me up and distracted me from thinking. 
Warning : It is goddamn dramatic. But true story.

From my previous post,
"Two weeks ago (22/4/2013) , my neighbour found a Shihtzu, mini-sized one. Fur was super long, messy and mostly tangled, nails were so long and he kept tripping and falling. Plus he had a skin disease, spots all over. We took care of it, shaved his fur, brought to the vet and made him eat medicine, and dad decided to adopt it hehehe. And believed that it was abandoned by neighbours few streets away. I really think people around my taman are all heartless people." 

We loved Bingo SO MUCH. We bought clothes, eye drops, feeds him good food, brings him out for strolls, brought him to the vet as his skin had problems, sleeps with us. & it didn't last long.

Neighbour behind us don't really like us and we don't know why. Heard it was because we didnt wanna move (why the hell we would wanna move) Since we stopped talking after a while we didn't even bother to look back to the problems. Thought it was the end.
Guess what? It didn't end there.

They told that neighbour who used to own Bingo that we have it.
Like I mentioned, the previous neighbour might have abandoned it. No one came looking for it, so we adopted it. We even made a dog license for Bingo.
I wasn't in Muar but sis told me what happened exactly.
After a few weeks, all of us taken care of that little poor dog. Been eating well and being loved by all of us. It was getting really fat too lol.
Out of sudden, there were some guys and girls in tattoos came around my neighbourhood screaming "AH HUAT AH AH HUAT!". As usual, Tarzan would dash out and bark while Bingo follows him at the back.

My sister was watching tv, and suddenly heard someone calling "Xiao jie xiao jie"
Sis went out to take a look, a guy came saying "zhe shi wo de gou, wo yao na hui qu" (This is my dog, I want to take it back)
Then sis replied "ni you shen me zhen ming zhe shi ni de gou?" (What do you have to proof that this is your dog?)

The guy lost his cool rightaway although my sister was replying nicely.
"Walao zhe shi wo de gou wo hai you zhen ming gei ni de meh?!"
(Walao this is my dog and I still have to proof it to you?!)

Sis called Mom out, he was still shouting. That whole family just went shouting and screaming, while mom and sis were being so cool and explaining. Filled with vulgarities, and all sorts of threatenings. The son even attempted to hit my mom and sister & they accused us and my neighbour who gave us Bingo went to their house and STOLE the dog out. Hello, we that free is it?! So many people can vouch for us that Bingo walked to our street itself not we steal one okay. -_-

OF COURSE, we called the police then.
But it was hopeless because the police couldnt protect us, they were acting innocent throughout the whole investigation wtf. Malaysia also boleh la ok. Turns out, they are drug dealers and drug addicts who have been into jail before. 
Went home with the police report, and they happily got away.

At night, dad had no choice but to have a talk with their father. It was pointless, because the whole time he was just flipping the table if something goes wrong (like literally flip) and threatens if we do not give back the dog, they won't know what will happen to us. "Getting hit by a car out of sudden? We won't know who did that. It will be an accident then, who are you to blame then?" Motherfuckers of the world.

They don't even let us visit Bingo once a week, not even a thankyou from them.

Before us, one neighbour of mine adopted Bingo too because he was wandering around. Like how I described when we first met him. Same case to that neighbour, but she was worst. She loved Bingo too, taken care of him. Once the owner found it, they crashed her Myvi and beat up her two daughters. They didn't report to the police because they're drug dealers, you never know what will happen next.
Why do I feel so helpless even with the police forces? Even they can't do anything?

That happened on Wednesday, I went back to Muar from Jb on Friday just to meet Bingo the last time, Saturday morning (1/6/2013), we gave it back to him.

Although it was just one month or so, we loved that little boy so much. He was so obedient, but we had no choice.
My whole family couldn't eat nor sleep that few days, while I drown myself in tears for that first few days. It's been a week, we still miss him so much. We pass by those mofos house, and knowing Bingo is inside but we couldn't do anything.

If they loved Bingo, they would've treated him with lots of love and not in that state when we found him. I would be glad to give it back if they really loved Bingo and animal lovers, but now we can only worry about his life there.

I'm sorry Bingo, that I was unable to protect you this little poor thing. I hope and pray I will see you again.

Pictures ;

I do hope I see you again, if I do I swear I will never let you be taken away.

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