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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Hello July! Haven't been blogging because lazy/busy/don't know how to start/shiok sendiri. And finally I'm blogging! :3
It's been a month since school started and I'm loving how much I am in the new environment. Stress is definitely getting to me, but I can handle it *taichi moves*
So, practically laughing away and being crazy in school with my friends here like how I did in Convent. I hope my lovelies are doing the same in different places, Sunway, Taylors, SSI, Perak, Poly. :3

Classmates! And the only and on the left is the craziest girl ever, with me. HAHAHA.

Just second week of school, haze problem has been arising in Muar hence school holidays LOL memang suka sangat one okayy. But glad it is finally over, after one week of torturment from the haze and mask-wearing days. 
On a saturday (23/6) , API reading in Muar was 700+. No doubt that I had to wear mask at home. Parents gave up, went up to KL instead since there was a Pets Expo going on in Mid Valley. 

And did I mention I have a new puppy again? :P

Bear! Lai melt melt. 

Brought her to the pets expo, carrying her in a bag. Surprisingly she was QUITE a good girl that day. Until she almost jumped out of the bag in the middle of the shopping mall.
I love going to pets expo, but missed my chance to meet an alaskan malamute and corgis. :( Life is unfair at times like this lol. Ren ming ba. 

But on a bright side, as I posted on Instagram. New hedgie!! :D


Kinda forced her to take a picture. HAHAHA i'm such a bad owner.

She's a friendly little hedgie, she doesn't curl up when I scoop her up. She'll walk around instead. One month old I guess? By now, I guess it's almost 2 months. 
Welcome to the familyyyy! :33 
That's so much for June. I'm glad June was over because it was a month that I had too much to handle. First day of June, Bingo left. Then there wasn't really much for me to hope for. So far, I'm lucky I'm handling ok Bingo is not here anymore, but there's still much hope and wish I have in me for him to come back. I miss my baby :(

And here goes July! 
First week : Hectic. More assignments everyday but I'm loving how much I have things to do. But hating the fact that I have to go back so late. My nap time is goneee :(

Tuesday (2/7/13)
Attended a mini concert from iBigBand. Their voice was perfectttt  Or is it just all Koreans? Heh. 
Their voices were such ear candies! :) My ears almost fell off because it was too loud lol but it was really nice!! 

Credits to Edmund! 

Thursday (4/7/2013)
SCHOOL SPORTS DAY! Sucks to the max because it's not Convent's! :( I find the way they plan it is ridiculous. They made Form 6 students to study till 9am, and walk over to padang since we were not involved. I guess I would never find any other Sports Day as interesting as Convent's. /:
Were busy taking pictures because we weren't allowed to go back >:(

 4 of us! 

 Craziest friend ever! 

 Yeah, my pre-u shirt -_-

 This is where my teeth shows obvious hole in the middle lols anyway, crazy people once again.

And I've come to a conclusion that our school loves us so much that they didn't even plan to give us a day off after Sports Day. Oh well. 
Despite how pointless some rules were set and some decisions made by the school, I am still glad I'm in this school because of the lovely people I met that I can still go crazy with everyday! Spent my days in school so fruitfully because of them, and funny/nice teachers I have!

After one last day before weekends (Friday, 3/7/2013), OFF TO JB! :D
Spent one whole evening in the clinic for my dental appointment with the boy. 

But thankyou sweetheart for getting me these!
(Actually it's because he wanted to eat McD as well muahaha jk)

After 4 hours of waiting in the dental clinic, big gap is gone! :33
Got a free poster from MBO of minions. I'm so gonna paste it on my wall MEHEHE. 
Once again, thankyou to the boyf who got the tickets. It was packed. :I And it was tiring for him to have waited for me in the clinic for 4 hours, feeling guilty as well. ._.

(Saturday. 4/7/2013) B'fast with sampat friends! 

Only both of us because clever Colleen fell sick! :'(

Wanted to spam my own blog with all our pictures but it's okay, lets just keep it with two. LOL

 Off to WY's house after dimsum breakfast because I wanna meet MaxMax!

Antisocial people.

Tino and Tina!! :D

Sweetest Doberman ever! :3

Wy's sabai looking German Shepard HAHA but another sweet boy! :)

Thanks WeiYang for helping me to take the pictures but NOOOOB HE FORGOT TO TAKE A PICTURE OF MAXYYY AND IIIII :( HAHAHAHA 

 Ling and I INSIDE the dry pool @ Wy's house lol. 
And he said it's because the sun, evaporated the water.

When it comes to taking pictures, Ling mmg fast one. HAHAHA :P

The garden that looks like a park -_-

 Lunch @ McCafe!

My lunch. And everyone was "Sure or not? You not hungry? You want burger?" 

I drew Colleen in in my Instagram picture but I didn't send it over to my lappie -_-
But yeah, four of us. ♥

 Kevin's hand HAHA

Not cute lor.

PC fair @ Persada after that! :D Bought pendrives and harddisk. *happy dance*

And of course, thankyou my personal driver muahahahaha ♥

It was just a short trip back to JB and I can't wait for the longer 11 days of holidays because I desperately need it right now.
I miss everyone back in JB (especially the food there) and loved ones.
Although I'm loving it here, I still miss staying in JB because there's where I belong. Wah deep sia.
Okay finally, after drafting this post for 1231353453454 weeks.
Goodbye! :)

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