Sleepless Night.

Thursday, 27 December 2012

Here I am, feeling restless yet I can't close my eyes and indulge into my dreamland peacefully. Tell me why is it haunting me at this hour? Nose running like tap water and head feeling like an overheat oven. Sigh. :< Hate falling sick. Really hate it.

Oh well, Christmas is over. My sis came back from Sg and bought me loads of stuffs. Like a Santa. Teehee. Grateful and thankful because I thought my Christmas was screwed. Although it pretty was screwed...
Santa gave me flu, sore throat and fever.

Aries necklace, stud bracelet, moustache watch, brown purse, bling shoes.
Nawwww. Thankyou sis. 

Bought this book earlier in Popular.
Retail price : RM 74.90
Sale : RM 9.90 

It's a frikkin thick book so I guess it's worth it. Plus it's from a good author. Gonna take some time reading this book HAHAHAHAHAHA why do I always read sad stories. ._.

Going to try to sleep again. Goodnight. :3
Oh and my sis was nice enough to make me a Milo drink cause I told her I want it. Not bad to have a sis. 
Okay goodbye.

I'm wanna leave without a trace.

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