A new start.

Thursday, 13 December 2012

First blog post on Christmas. Hahahaha. Merry Christmas everyone! I was so free last night I wished everyone on whatsapp. Thoughful / Crazy? Hmmm.
Hello. This is going to be my new blog since it's a new start of life. (I made it sound like the world really ended lol) I've been using www.dancingbananaismyboyfriend.blogspot.com for almost four years and I guess it's time to change it to a new one. I won't delete that blog, just going to keep it as it was my chapters of life. :D

I would blog about my eleven years in Convent. But long story short, I love Convent. The place where I called it my second home ever since I was 7, and where I get to learn things and make new friends. Experiences that we would never get it anywhere. Plus, countless amounts of memories gained. :) Truth to be told, I'm happy I've graduated but I still miss school and to be a true blue Convent girl. It's hard to say goodbye to a familiar place you are so used to be in for 11 years.

Probably I should make a scrapbook out of it since I'm so free. Hmm.

Love them all! 

I'm sorry I couldn't blog out each and every of my friends, but you all know you guys mean alot! Thank you guys for everything! :D ♥
Keeping in sweet and simple. Teehee.

Oh and Christmas Eve,
I came down all the way from Muar to celebrate Yiling's birthday which fell on the Christmas Eve! She better be grateful. :P

Happy Birthday Lee Yi Ling!
Stay cheerful and pretty always! :)
(This instant was too bright hahaha)

We managed to surprise her just a little, at least we did! Bought a cake and end up finishing it on the spot by playing games. Gosh I'm so sick of chocolate cake now. Five of us finishing one whole cake, pro. (Y)
They are obsessed with the handsome guy at Zi Zai Xuan. Go check him out if you are curious -.-

Five of us before going back. :)

Michelle, Me, Yiling, Colleen, Megan :D

And I had to reformat my laptop so all my pictures on my laptop is gone. *Another reason why I didn't manage to blog bout my years in Convent :( * Goodbye. :D

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