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Sunday, 9 November 2014

Hello everyone!

Ladies are always give their best attention to their face, well basically it's the most important part for all ladies. Trying to feel pretty and healthy at the same time everyday. But somehow, it get tedious wearing make up, over and over again and sometimes it makes you feel unhealthy. (At least for me, I'm a person who is really lazy to go for any make ups at times, unless I need to go out and meet people.) 

To be honest, STPM life is exhausting for me and it's tough to take care of my skin/ feel healthy at the same time when my study life is killing me mentally. So thank goodness for Medigold, for introducing me to this really helpful drink, making me feel better everyday ^^

Medigold is a drink that consists of an unique formulation of Oxxynea, Olive Extract (Oleativ), Vinovia Red Grape Extract, L-Glutathione, Chronium Yeast, Isomalto-Oligosaccharide (IMO) and Vitamin C which helps to protect, maintain and improve our health and vitality. (Even on our busiest moments!) - Don't understand the weirdly named ingredients? Feel free to Google them hehehe. 

Medigold helps in:

1. Antioxidant

2. Immune booster 
3. Liver detoxifier 
4. Weight Loss 
5. Help in cardiovascular health 
6. Maintain a healthy blood lipid profile 
7. Good for blood sugar control
8. Regulate bowel movements 
9. Brain-protecting ability
10. For skin healthy and supple

As for number 4 I'm not sure it worked on me, but somehow I lost 2kg after drinking this for a month (So i guess it worked?). It does have an effect on me based on the list above. 

 How it looks like 

 I used a cup that has a measurement (actually no need to be too precised lah!) HAHA 

It comes in 30 satchets in one box, and you can drink it 1-2 satchets per day, one for morning and one at night. (200ml water) I drank once a day because I don't want to finish it so fast HAHAHA. 

The taste of the drink is a very mild grape taste and a little dry..? I'm not sure how to describe the feeling but the drink is pretty unique. The smell of it is a really sweet smelling of grapes and I love it! 

In my opinion,

After drinking it for a month I do feel better and all thanks to Medigold I really did not have to eat any other supplements and feel okay. I used to have a major problem regulating bowel movements (number 8) but Medigold saved my problem. Not a major change but at least there's a change in it. XD

Healthy skin and supple effect does worked on me a little but my freckles are still intact (Redoxy post coming soon!) Overall, I feel healthier and better drinking Medigold. I think it would've better for me if I've drank it twice per day.

From before and after pictures they do not seem to differ that much, but from real life it really make a different. Sometimes I'll forget to apply moisturiser or ANYTHING at all on my face and thank goodness my face did not crack or anything. I have dry skin / oily at T zone, Medigold regulated my skin eventhough I'm THIS lazy to take care of my skin.

But then of course, I really need to take more time to take care of my skin. 

Okay lah a vain selfie of myself haha. This was when I was trying to mug for my exams, hence the late night sleep and totally 0% of trying to make my complexion better. Hahahaha. But still I looked okay thanks to the drink. 

I drink it once a day, love the mild grape taste and how it does make me feel better! 

Thank you Medigold for taking care of my skin all these while!! :D 

So, if you would like to try on this amazing product, do not hesistate to contact them! 

Facebook page : My Redoxy Diary
 Email :
H/P : 017-771 4480

I hope you enjoyed reading this post!
Till then,
Edlyn :) 

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  1. great! it's good to find one that suit to your body!

    Henry Tan


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