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Friday, 4 July 2014

"Blogging sounds fun, perhaps I should try and take a look about it" says to myself, and the best decision ever made. 

There were times I write crap and talk about my feelings on my blog, where I pour out my true feelings late at night, just typing and bring myself to a recognition of who I really am. 
You won't know how you were able to do so, sounds cliché? But yeap, that was how it was like. 

Not to say that my feelings are usually negative, but mostly they do sound emotional, no?
But what if I turn all negativities to postive vibes? 

One fine day after realising, it is time to change and I've started blogging things I do that I would like to share, and not something to make people feel depressed. 
Which is true, it's something that I love to do now.
Being able to share is one simplest delightful thing to do. 
I never knew that one day, I could blog up till this level.

I’m grateful that I have all of them for giving me such a rare opportunity to actually bring my blogging hobby up to a whole new level that I have never expected that one day, I could be one beneficial blogger, who brings out useful information to everyone.

Sometimes people may find, what is all this blogging about? No one reads it anymore.

That was how I thought of it as well. Up till one day, Ler brought me into this group where everyone was so friendly, but we didn't know each other at all. 
We started knowing each other slowly, and surprisingly all of us get along so well that we felt like we've known each other for years! This is how much I love meeting up with them, talking about our next events and so on, making me feel like I am finally using blogging to a good use. :) 

So thank you for the existence of Ma Cherie, 11 bloggers which fate brought us all together and to form this wonderful community. 

It means “my precious” in French, and it is also pronounced as “Ma Share Ri”

How were we inspired that we came across to this beautiful name? 
One fine day in Johor, there was a full bloom of this lovely pink coloured flower called the Pink Tecoma
which shattered all over the streets in Johor, melting the hearts of the Johoreans to this breathtaking scenery. 

Just like the Pink Tecoma, after months of drought, beautiful flowers bloomed and delighted everyone in the city. We as bloggers, realised blogging alone is not what we should do anymore.
We believe that as we unite as one, we can also produce good quality blogs together, to bloom and prosper together. 

Source :

Pink Tecoma resembles the gorgeous Cherry Blossom flower, therefore we brainstormed and to name ourselves 
with this beautiful name, Ma Chérie.
Personating the Pink Tecoma, they are precious and lovely with their distinctive existence, we Johor bloggers would like to bring the same impact to everyone as well. 

So, this is the eleven of us! 

We are also called The Inky Fingers from Johor.
"Inky" depicts writing, and "Fingers" are what we use to blog.
So this is what we are, "InkyFingers" - The bloggers from Johor. :)

Thank you for all the love and taking the time to read my blog, even sometimes it may not be a good post. But I'm truly grateful for this given opportunity to improve myself, and to product good quality blog posts to everyone. :) Without everyone's help, I would not be what I am today.

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Edlyn :) 

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