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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Few weeks of holidays and I passed my holidays so far, in an awesome schedule which somehow I'm not suppose to be catching up with. Hanging out with friends and spending $$ = making my debit card useless.
Feeling guilty as I've never touched my Sem 2 books at all, neatly stacked on my table. Hopefully no karma gets to me for not studying Amitabhaaa.

Most people get to go overseas and somehow I really miss Thailand alot. Mainly for the shopping but actually I miss the feeling of being on the plane. Shall save money on my own so I don't have to feel guilty spending parents' money :p $$$$

Anyway, a trip back to JB two weeks ago (was it last week? Can't remember omg) met up with these kids that I haven't met since forever ♥

Saved every other pictures in my phone so......

Okay lah, food pictures!
Had lunch at near Sutera Mall, called Amour or sth. Can't remember.






Took pictures of our butts while playing bowling and was suppose to guess who's butt but nahh hahahaha.
Bowling was awesome with them, had like 3 games because we got cheated that we could buy two games and get one free, but the price was different. So yeah after the first game, green bowling ball looks like watermelon and orange one looks like, well, orange. 

Popular sales were just a tad bit waste of time but 50 shades of grey was on discount (wink wink at someone you know who) and Crys was going crazy and indecisive on Nicholas Sparks books. Thank goodness for e-book and I appreciate their existence despite having to stare at your phone screen and read from the aimless white background and slide instead of flipping. Gosh phone advance sikit pls ;_; 

Had some crazy friends who came all the way down from Muar and spent a day, two days to be exact in JB and hoped they did had fun. Wished they would have stayed for a week but I guess would all be broke by then!
Me, being like a maniac ordering where to go and I was bad at it because I went clueless where to go. But one thing that I really wouldn't and didn't missed introducing was SUMMER. For being a Convent girl once, there's no way anyone would leave out such awesome place. Kay la and I was famished and although the place changed, it's still a place I reminisce everytime I pass by.

And I can't believe I'm having so much thought towards food. Damn.
Watched Catching Fire with them, such an intense movie I have no idea what to feel. Hopefully I manage to finish the book even before the next movie shows up. Can't believe I'm actually in love with this movie! 
Had Chaiwalla for the very first time and it was yummy. Wished I was there in the morning though so I can take awesome pictures with the shop. (idk wth I am talking about)

And thankyou to sweetheart for being such a sweetheart who went back to JB as well and be my chaffeur again (sorry) and treated my friends from Muar at Hua Mui. Can't wait for the trip to Penang and Perak!! :DD ♥ Although it was a short trip back, still Im thankful as it was a meaningful trip back.

JB oh sweet home, I'll see you soon. :D ♥

Meanwhile back in Muar,
Met up with these two!

OH, hope everyone gets obsessed with The Heirs because MAINLY,
1) There's hot guys;
I don't find Lee Min Ho hot in there, I just find him particularly cute and sweet with Park Shin Hye inside.
The only I really like is Yoon Chan Young, eye candy indeed with the sweetest straight teeth smile. Goodness.
2) Their awesome houses and cars.
Your motivation to start saving money to buy bricks and build a mansion.
3) Observe the bitchiness.

*It's been a long time since I typed this much! IT'S AN ACHIEVEMENT!*

Penang and Perak trip nextttt!

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