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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Hey, August.

Everyone has been hoping for a great month ahead. For me, I'm just gonna hope nothing bad happens because it has been two rough months ever since school started. Not only in the sense of studying, everything. I love school but I could really use a break for now.
Then of course, I believe August is going to start out great, lets just hope I don't shiver infront of the stage after holidays. YAY ._.

On a very unrelated topic ;
At some point at the verge on shouting, I can't. When I'm sad, it's better not to say it out in case you hurt someone's feelings, but at some point you really want people to know you are upset and yet you don't wanna say because you don't like the after-effect. And usually, I tend to break feeling's heart and kill people's feelings.
Or you could coop yourself up and cry, and shut up.
Is it the only and best choice? No. Of course not.

If we are all strong enough to just let it go everytime you feel mad, this universe will be so damn peaceful. I guess I can be terrorist now then?

I don't make sense.

But really, most of the time I tend to get mad for no reason (pms maybe) and it leaves something in me to feel uneasy about, like you don't get to voice out something you want to.
And I don't want comfort.
Is it the inner peace I really need?

Just realised I tend to get mad easily, and imaginations are running wild. I'm not upset all the time, and I don't even know what I'm upset about. Guess I'm just upset because I get upset easily? :/


Back to JB on the second week; Can't wait Desaru trip, Raya visits, meeting up with mah girls, fun run, Sg trip and so on!

I bet it's going to be hell for me after holidays.

On a very unrelated topic again, I find guys who are literally playing badminton in the court always act like douchebags, pattern duo guo badminton. Random thought but really. They always act pro eventhough they are already pro. ._.

Okay bye, Selamat Hari Raya to my malay friends and happy holidays to everyone.

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