The Elysia Park Residence, Your Ideal Dream Home

Friday, 25 September 2015

One fine afternoon, Audrey, Kim and I were all invited to go over Eryn's new place for a mini tea session! We heard that it was at The Elysia Park Residence, we were anticipating to go over and have a look!

We were all in awe of her new place, so classy yet homey. 

She served us MY favourite macaroons and of course, I had to taste one!

"Some fruits too?" She asked. 

We chit chat here and there regarding her new place, and reasons why she chose here. Other than being SO convenient to go anywhere where it's surrounded by all the great places like Legoland where she can bring her kids over for the weekend, Linear Park, Puteri Harbour, Pinewood Iskandar. She can even send her kids to school at Malbourough College in future when they grow up since it's just a stone's throw away from her place! Malaysia-Singapore Second Link is like a few minutes drive away too. 

Then of course, there's other reasons why she chose here. 

 Kim : "Why don't we take a look around?" 
Eryn : "Sure! Feel free to walk around and take a mini tour around!"

 Princess and Carinn then came in to join the fun too so then she served us more food after that *slurps* 

Eryn told us to feel at home, while she walks up to prepare for us to tour around later.

This is how it looks like from the ground floor :

 How to not love such a space that her house has? 

Girls just being girls, Audrey was trying on a necklace Eryn has at this huge mirror outside the washroom, like a mini walk-in closet!

 Left for him, Right for her.

And we were just chilling around in her room, while we were just playing around with the huge mirror that Eryn's room has!!! 

This is could be my ideal future home when i can earn up and save for a bedroom like this!

After one day of touring her new place, there's no doubt why she'll love this place so much. We bid goodbye to each other and we went back to our places respectively. It was a fruitful, fun day!

Back to my place. After a long tiring day of visiting, time of a quick read before a shower and just call it a day. My perfect way of calling it a day.. Comfy bed, good book. 

Till I realized that I was only daydreaming after visiting The Elysia Park Residence later during the day. 

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After a day tour at the Elysia Park Residence, we were all in love with the showrooms they displayed! And yes, all of that above was just a storyline but how nice if it's real? :) The Elysia Park Residence realize your dreams and designs your ideal dream home so you wouldn't wanna miss out visiting their showroom! 

The Elysia Park Residence 

(Sales Gallery Address)

PT 199671, Nusajaya, Mukim Pulai, 
79200 Johor Darul Takzim,

TEL : +607-5099398 / +60177920089
Email :

If you happen to be visiting, do join in the fun where they will be having a Mid Autumn Festival event, Back to the 80's! The event will be held TOMORROW (26/9/2015) from 5pm-9pm, don't miss out the fun!

Till then, hope you enjoyed reading this post as well as we enjoyed being the "models" of the day! ;D

Group pictures with the rest of the Ma Cherie girls outside the sales gallery

Lastly, thank you Lindy for the opportunity to visit the showrooms!

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