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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

This post is going to be mainly for my/your furkids!

If you're my friend, you'll probably know that I have a mini zoo at home! (If you don't, I have 4 dogs, a cat, a hedgehog and a rabbit. Yep.) Sometimes it's really hard to groom all of them as different dogs have different types of skins and fur. Therefore you'll need different ways of grooming and shampooing them.

Thanks to SIMBAE, I was able to let my furkids try their products to see if it works well on them!
Do note that this post will be mainly for dogs shampoo, although SIMBAE's products work on cats too :D Read till the end to know where/how to buy their products! 
About SIMBAE: SIMBAE is a new pet brand of grooming for dogs and cats that caters to pets owners need to spoil furkids with goodness! "Such kind, generous creatures deserve the best that we can give them in return. It is with this understanding that the Simbae brand was created. Simbae products have been carefully formulated to be safe and kind to man as well as his best friend."
I was given the Fabulous Fur Shampoo and Fabulous Fur Conditioner by SIMBAE to try on my furkids!  
It comes in a set called the FABULOUS FUR PACK

This range, which is the Fabulous Fur Pack, It contains Aloe Vera (to soothe and protect their skin from itching), Vitamin E (to nourish and rejuvenate their skin and fur) and Vitamin B5 (to restore coat by providing nutrients to the skin).

As all 4 of them are from different breeds, I would break the review to four different sections on the same products to see how it works on different breeds/skin/fur. :)


She looks like a donkey here :D

Skin Type :
She has very sensitive skin and her fur will always tangle up, thus forming into knots then it gets stuck on her skin. Bear sweats (YES) and that explains why the knots will stick to her skin and makes her very uneasy.

After using SIMBAE : 
Her fur is smoother than before, therefore it wouldn't tangle up that easily. She smells nice all day too and spraying Fabulous Fur Conditioner makes the routine of bathing her lessen too! The problem of her sensitive still persists since it's inevitable, but I truly say it worked on her! Will use it consistently to pamper her, to see if her skin problem improves in future. 


This is a #throwback picture because she is sooo much fatter now!

Skin Type :
She doesn't have much problem with her fur or skin and she is pretty easy to handle since she's small and her fur is short. 

After using SIMBAE : 
She smells great! As she likes cleanliness, the routine of bathing her gotten even lesser compared to Bear (Bear likes rubbing her face on the floor ALOT) and she can smell nice even up to two weeks!
Note that 2 weeks is probably the maximum period, by then you should've given your dog a bath lol.  


"Okay are we done now?" 

Skin Type :
Few weeks ago, she had some rashes on her skin due to the hot weather, she somehow sweats a little as well therefore forming rashes on her skin. Like humans, we tend to get rashes on skin if we're sensitive to hot weather/sweat right?

After using SIMBAE : 
Based on our observation (erhem as owners), Yuki's skin definitely improved after the bath with SIMBAE's Fabulous Fur Shampoo. Her skin got better, less rash then gone in a few days. As SIMBAE's products, they do cater to all skin types for dogs so it pretty much worked well on Yuki! 


Tarzan never liked taking pictures.. So here's a picture of him lazing around the dining room while i sneaked over for a picture. Obviously he didn't like that as well. XD

Skin Type :
Tarzan has flaky skin, plus Tarzan is an oldddd man. His skin tends to be pretty sensitive at times but still easy to handle. The main concern is only flaky, dry skin that he has. 

After using SIMBAE : 
Right after the bath, Tarzan's fur was soooooo soft and nice. Then I had to chase him to spray the Fabulous Fur Conditioner on him, his fur looked even great! He dreads bathing therefore the spray is PERFECT for him though he hates that one too but it's better than dragging him to the shower. XD 

Conclusion : It worked well on my furkids! They skin/fur showed significant improvement and changes therefore I would totally recommend this. If you have cats at home, you can also try out their other range. You can also save money on buying different shampoo for your cats and dogs since they can use the same one. :D 
Just a reminder that the bottle can be pretty fragile, as for mine the bottle for the spray broke but it's not a big deal as you can just change it to a new empty bottle. If you're as careless as me, you might want to take note of this. ~

You can purchase them on (Read all about it here) OR you can also purchase them in various pet stores. My suggestion would be to purchase them online since it's hassle-free as you will receive them right at your doorstep! 

IF you have problem choosing which product to buy for your furkids, feel free to email them at as they will be glad to assist you in choosing which is the suitable product for your furkid's breed! Once again, SIMBAE caters to not only dogs but also cats' breed too! The breeds' list are also listed in the description box of the product links, for you to refer easily. :) 

If you have dogs/cats at home, I strongly suggest SIMBAE for you to pamper them! :D 
That's all for now! 


Lala is a SIMBAE supporter, are you? ;) 

This post is based on my honest review, and I'm not paid for the post. Though yes, the products were given for a test. :) 

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