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Saturday, 24 October 2015

"Yuan Soap recognizes different skin types and uses nature as a basis in finding the right natural compositions in flowers, plants, roots, leaves, stems and creating soaps to suit specific needs."

Yuan Soap is originated from Taiwan and what makes Yuan Soap so special is that every bar or soap produced is made with love, carefully examined meticulously and painstakingly. Yuan Soaps are 100% natural, free from artificial fragrance and colours. 

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Pictures collaged on the Yuan Soaps making process.   

The story behind the name Yuan Soap :
Chiang Jung-Yuan is the builder of the soap making company, Yuan Soap, where his opinion that as you cleanse your body, you also cleanse your mind and soul. Chiang Jung-Yuan has planted his his own herbs organically since year 2007 and fetches water from natural springs everyday to make his soaps. Every bar of soap produced takes up to 45-60 days as even it's saponification process is naturally brought out as no chemicals are aided to fasten the process of the Yuan Soap to mature.

Their main purpose is that is it 100% made from NATURAL ingredients, to cure mild or serious skin problems (dry skin, eczema) therefore they have a variety of natural soaps to cater your skin type.

Silky Skin Set that I got (thank you so much, Natta Cosme!) consists of 3 bars of 50g soaps -
  Wild Mugwort Soap, Wild Yellow Sage Soap and Sishen Chinese Herbs Soap 


According to the research from plant exports, we can use it to relieve skin problems like eczema, reduct itch from ringworm, body acne, atopic dermatitis and fungal infections. It is also great for those with strong body odour.


Encapsulating the merits of mugwort and patchouli, yellow sage can make your skin appear tighter and relieves unexplained itchiness. Contain lavender essence oil to help relax and easy sleep. I personally find this smells really nice, although most people might dislike the herbal scent. Yuan Soaps are mostly with the herbs scent but it's usually very pleasant to smell. :)


The nature of Sishen Chinese herbs [poria, dioscorea opposite, Euryale ferox and lotus seed] is warm and moisturizing. Its rich starch content leaves your skin smooth, soft and firm after wash. It also helps to keep dark spots at bay by reducing melanin productions. This would be ideal for people with dry skins, like mine. :D

To read more about their soaps and to see which caters to you the best, you can read it from :) They have it in 5 different series : (1)Sacrifice : Flower Series, (2)Compassion : Herb Series, (3)Faith : Seed Series, (4)Strength : Tree Series and (5)Diligence : Special Series that you can choose from. The variety of Yuan Soap is also available at Natta Cosme which you can click the link HERE to view the list!

Hope you enjoyed reading this post! 

Edlyn :) 

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