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Friday, 3 May 2013

Last week of April.

Hello May, and I'm posting about April lolol.
Last two weeks of April was really hectic but eventful. Fruitful month shall go the same for this month too, I hope. STPM is starting and I can't wait to read. Although I might hesistate a little because I had a break for such a longgggg time already, I might just collapse in the first week. Hehehehe.

Two weeks ago (22/4/2013) , my neighbour found a Shihtzu, mini-sized one. Fur was super long, messy and mostly tangled, nails were so long and it bended (actually how to describe i also duno) & kept tripping and falling. Plus he had a skin disease, spots all over. We took care of it, shaved his fur, brought to the vet and made him eat medicine, and dad decided to adopt it hehehe. And believed that it was abandoned by neighbours few streets away. I really think people around my taman are all heartless people.

He was like that when we found him. Okay la very cute. 


And of course now he is now... Not that bald. But still bald. I think Shihtzus are cuter without super long tangling furs. :3

Cutie pie sleeping at the basket around the room the first day. 

The next day (23/4/2013) , dad came home after running errands and told me he found the stray dog we wanted to save one month ago and my dad was so heartbroken to see his eyes red and swollen.
Just so you know, the dog had another friend with him. Their owner moved and left their dogs here and had no intention on keeping them. The other dog was shot dead by the gov people and the other one escaped, according to my grandma who saw the incident. Those who read the article and shared, thank you so much and I forgot to add that part into the post. ._. 
After dad told me that he was just lying on the floor not moving already, just lying down. When dad described "red and swollen eyes", I didn't imagine how bad it was, maybe it was crying or what. I just went "Har.... Then how is it already?" I had to go out after that and dad showed me. It was just red and swollen. It was fucking popping out and it was bright red
Cried for so long even until I was about to go back after eating. I cannot believe how cruel those people were to actually torment the dog like that. Spraying pesticides at dogs very fun is it?!?!?!

Went home, and found out that my neighbour opposite mine brought the dog to his house. So nice of him!! He gave him food and water too. I went over to give him at eyedrop and started crying again and mom was brave enough to take a picture of it and told me to inform my friends how cruel some humans are.

And there were people scolding me on the post, saying I only know how to take picture and share but didn't save the dog. 
What do you know?

OF COURSE, we did called the vets we could find for help but no one was available. Muar is such an ulu place without proper vet wth. I posted on facebook that night, and thank you once again to friends and MDDB for sharing it again and random people sharing, with a total of almost 7000 shares. Called HOPE and MDDB for help, and of course HOPE agreed to help the next day since it was too late at night that day.
I'm glad we didn't call the government vet to save it. 

The next day, he vomitted his food out. :(

I had to go back to JB that morning itself to settle some things. But afterwards dad informed that people from HOPE brought them to their shelter and he paid for his medical bills. 
Unfortunately one day after he was sent to the shelter (25/4/2013) , he passed away. The vet gave him painkillers and he died peacefully. I was sad but relieved to hear that because he didn't have to suffer anymore. Sad that I should've found him earlier. 
R.I.P Bakri, you will have a better life in the next one. 
People from HOPE named him Bakri, after my taman's name. 

Click here  to read more detailed story about Bakri. Thank you HOPE and MDDB, for saving and sharing the post to everyone. 
Like and read posts from HOPE & MDDB about dogs and animals. Brainless people with cruelty acts. Thankful there's shelters like these to save them.

If you love animals and you have the initiative to take care of it, then only you own one. It is your responsibility to keep and love it like your own child and not abandon/torture it.  


Back to JB to settle some changing school procedures with Nana and Crys, so much to do and inefficient. Went back to school to meet my beloved teachers, especially my class teacher. 

Tak boleh tahan my fringe covering my eye so mehehehe chio hor.

Walked around the school, makan school food and all. Felt like it was high school all over again. :3 So it was  pretty nice. Except the fact that we graduated laaaaa. :/
Nana and Crystal watched Iron Man without me and had lunch with my babes, Colleen LL and Celine! :D And two annoying Wy and Kev hahaha. Everyone so ganchiong for the MS test and I go there shuang one.

(26/4/2013) , early in the morning, bathed Happy that fatty. Love hugging her cause she's too chubby already :D 

Hahahahahaha shapo. 

Then that afternoon, spent the whole afternoon bathing Meinv (Ek's dog). 

Another shapo.

Her whole body was full of pests (kutu), and big ones literally were lining up above her eyes. So decided to shave her and pluck all the kutus. The pests are goddamn annoying, plus she was scratching here and there. 
Beware, gross shot of kutus on Meinv after this.


And it's on medium size ok.

The only obvious part from the outside was the eyes. Her whole body was infected. I don't know how the pests come one plus they pluck the kutus everyday. -.- Spent whole day shaving her fur and plucking kutus. It's not gross lah, it's actually fun leh. And was pretty happy after bathing her and the kutus lessen already.


Who wants me to shave their dogs, no need go grooming centre already la lololol.

Botak Meinv.
And now she is totally kutuless! 

Just so much of coincidence my life involves alot of dogs nowadays so I blog it altogether hahahaha.

Met up with Mae the day after (27/4/2013) at KSL. SECOND TIME MEETING HER AFTER SPM IS SHE MY BEST FRIEND OMAIGOD. She started trying a video game in Mac City to try and win an iPod Shuffle. ~.~ And S4 so nice, attempted to drop it to see it's durability. Mehehehe.

 First pic, after realising people were staring.

 Walao my fringe

Our fake pic lololol. 

Short meet up with her and I miss her liao laaaa (mushy muah jk bye)

Whole day I've been eating good food and not exercising, I'm getting fatter and fatter mehehehe.

(29/4/2013) Talk by Ajahn Brahm @ Grand Blue Wave hotel!
To those who don't know who is Ajahn Brahm, find it out here from Wikipedia!
Two years ago, went with one whole bunch of friends to listen, now everyone left. :(
The topic was : What Happens After We Die.
As buddhist, we believe afterlife, don't we? The talk was inspiring and funny, I felt better after that talk because I'm actually very kiasi.. ._.

There's this story he told us, which is so scary I'm still having goosebumps thinking back.

There's this girl in England, who is an anorexic. She doesn't want to eat and no doctors could find out why she didn't want to eat. Then their parents found a physcologist to hypnotize her, to let her speak her mind when she was unconscious. She said in her past life, she had a sister and they both loved the same boy. The boy chose her sister in the end because she skinnier and prettier. She got so upset she commited suicide after that.

Her mom cried and went hysteric right after that & they asked why.
The mom "I was her sister, and my husband was the one she loved. My sister had died of commiting suicide." 

So scary I can't even asdfghjkl

We bowed to him and he'll just wave and say "BAI BAI!" so cute

And then the next day (30/4/2013) , a talk in Mettalodge and Ling was so nice to come back!!!! :DD

My another crazy bff hehehehe. 

And we were so nice to follow her to Cotton On and she didn't even give me one of the skirt she bought! Heartless friend. :P

Dr. Wong! "Come, lets take a picture" Hehehe

Earlier that morning, actually went for jogging (strolling) ...
.... Kuey tiao kia for breakfast. 

Cannot resist one lah, it's food! :D

& of course, thank you to the sweetheart, who accompanied me throughout and for being my driver for the past few days. ._. 

Heard that there's going to be a riot in KL after election so just in case, stock food and water at home. Stay safe everyone!
Can't wait to start school and hope my changing to the school I want here will be approved. *fingers crossed* 
&&& I'm sorry if I kept blogging about dogs.. ._. Just happened to. My house is a freaking mini zoo. Shall blog about it one day muahaha.

Stay happy and well everyone! 

And to people who are reading this, mind commenting on this blog post below or at if I should cut my fringe, pin it up, or cut all short?!?!
Thankyou! :D



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